Adult Fun- What is on your bucket list?

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Disney World is a place where families make memories. To some, when they hear “family”it includes children for Disney is all about kids, right? Wrong- I have come to enjoy Disney outside of the parks though do not be mistaken, I love character greetings, attractions and shows, but Disney can be so much more. This November I will have the amazing opportunity for not one, but two short, adult-only trips!

Here is a start to my bucket list for adult-fun activities come this fall.

  1. Wine Walk Tour:  A best-kept secret is at Epcot for just $25 you get to sample wines at the Germany, France and Italy pavilions.  With purchase of your wine passport, you are provided a map with the available wines and suggested food pairings.  Can someone say, yes please!
  2. Resort Tours: This is on my bucket-list however, based on when I am traveling I won’t be able to make the tours as most occur during the week vs. weekend.  For free you can discover the history of resorts like the Boardwalk, Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge. As a Disney history fan, I find it fascinating to discover how and why each resort theme was selected and the details behind every nook and cranny of the hotel.  Most of the resorts listed provide a one-hour free tour starting at the lobby of each resort.  As a Disney Travel Agent, I can help explore these potions to build out your itinerary.  Yes, that is a shameless plug!
  3. Mandara Spa: Need I say more, with various spas throughout Disney property I have my eye on the Swan & Doplhin’s Mandara Spa due to the fact it rests among the Epcot resorts as I am staying at the Beach Club.  Balinese- themed, full-service spa and salon that combines Asian, Indian and Mediterranean journeys of pure indulgences. Tip!  Typically, there are Groupon offers for week-day services.
  4. Grand Floridian Afternoon Tea: If you have never stepped foot into the Grand Floridian, that trip alone is one to explore, a Victorian- themed hotel and spa by far Disney’s most elite resort.  The afternoon tea treats you to various types of teas along with sandwiches, pastries and scones.  I also have visions of doing this with my daughter when she is old enough to enjoy, with a Mrs. Pott theme for the child’s menu- I picture us dressing up as my son and husband go on their own adventure.
  5. Nomand Lounge: Nothing sounds more fantastic then sitting among African, Asian and Latin inspired décor, food and beverages.  This lounge is the newest addition to Animal Kingdom culinary experiences and offers small plates and a variety of beers, wines and cocktails.  I have heard amazing review of the cuisine and beverages, this is a must do!

So what would your adult-only trip include?  Would you spend more time in the parks or outside of them?  I will provide a full review of my experiences later this year- stay tuned!