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What brings me joy?  Listening to Disney podcasts, reading about Disney, researching Disney facts and of course visiting Disney…notice a pattern? The answer is Walt Disney World! To be honest I have been a bit of closet Disney fan, granted those around me know I love WDW, but I am not sure friends or family realize how much I LOVE Disney.  And so I am throwing it out on the web, I am Emily and I am addicted to Disney.  Good chance if you are visiting my blog I am in good company.

As a child my family was unable to take vacations, such as Disney, but one fateful year my mom and aunt saved to take myself and three sisters to visit the mouse (my dad wasn’t one for travel).  The memories of that trip will forever be embedded in my mind, as that was the first and last family vacation I was able to take with my mother who passed a few years later from cancer.  After that initial trip I was not yet hooked that was until my sisters and I decided we needed a sister vacation.  We went over the 4th of July in 2013 and for anyone that knows WDW at that time, its a mad house!  In fact at one point during our trip Magic Kingdom reached capacity and was closed.  Regardless of the crowds we had the best, may I repeat the best vacation ever.  Laughed until we cried, made up inside jokes and soaked up all the sights and amazing food WDW had to offer.  Maybe this trip fell so near to my heart for its where our mom saved and scrimped money to take her four girls.  Maybe its because mom was hovering over our shoulders for every experience.  Whatever it was, after that trip I needed to get back and I went back every.single.year there after!

I mentioned earlier WDW brings me joy- so what does joy look like?  At Disney you can unplug and be a kid, truly and honestly.  Taking a ride through Peter Pan’s Flight is whimsical and fun.  Having your picture taken with Mickey and crew at Tusker House is a goal.  Or for more adult friendly options, sipping wine on the balcony of your room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and watching the wild life graze in front of you is an option WDW has to offer.  When I go to Walt Disney World I can design whatever type of vacation I want and now as mom of two under two- I will have the joys of visiting the daycare facilities and experiencing the world through their eyes.  And I want that for them.  Not to say my childhood was robbed because we couldn’t- I am grateful for all my parents gave me, but if my husband and I are blessed with he ability to take them- I am going to do it.

Here at designer mickey you can expect to read topics on the following Walt Disney World categories:

  • Resorts Luxuries– with 27 hotels on property, there is so much to know (I refuse to stay anywhere but on the grounds)
  • Theme Park Attractions– with 4 theme parks and large expansion projects in the works, there is so much to see and do
  • Delicious Restaurants– for the foodie lover we will dive into the cuisine, so many more options than hot dogs and burgers
  • Disney Planning Tips– here is my sweet spot, allow me to take time off your hands and provide all the tips and tricks to planning a wonderful trip
  • Misc. Disney– WDW is much more than a theme park with special events, tours, fun outside the parks, etc. we have a lot to talk about

I am a planner at heart, if there is a planner system out there I probably have tried it.  Managing events has also been a part of my career so when you add Disney into the mix its a match made in heaven.  Going on the fly to Disney can be done, as long as you set your expectations to experience what may come, but for most planning is essential.   I have been blessed to partner with MickeyTravels where I am  a Disney Travel Agent, turning my passion into helping other families create memories as I have.

Come along with me, grab a cup of coffee or tea and dive into a fantasy world that takes away the day to day grind through my weekly posts.

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